1. Badenoch Broadband

    We are a community run wireless broadband provider based in Laggan within the Cairngorms National Park in the Scottish Highlands.  Our mission is to offer broadband services to as many homes and businesses within the surrounding postcodes as possible.  As we expand our network and increase our speeds we are finding more and more people keen to join up.  Faster broadband increases business, enables better education for adults and children alike and creates an environment for competition.  Keeping young people working in the community, enabling local businesses to flourish and assisting those who work from home have all been healthy bi-products of our success. The Scottish Highland economy also relies a great deal on tourism throughout the seasons. Tourists to the area demand connectivity and without it rural communities can no longer compete effectively for the holiday pound.

    Badenoch Broadband now enables sporting estates, holiday homes, rental properties, hotels and tourism businesses to attract valuable income through the provision of our service to their customers.  We are hugely proud of our achievements so far and motivated and excited for the prospects and partnerships we are in the process of forming for the future. 

  1. Why we're here...and how we did it.

    Rural communities have been left behind across the United Kingdom when it comes to the provision of broadband services.  Why is that? Simple. Money.  Rural telephone exchanges are often too small to make the upgrade cost effective for big business. When Badenoch Broadband was formed our community of just over 300 souls had lived and worked with a maximum of a 0.5Mbps connection.  Existing business and tourism had begun to suffer and there was a distinct lack of new business moving into the community or being started up. So, when it sunk in that our telephone exchange was not going to be upgraded and we would be stuck with snail-net we decided to take matters into our own hands...

     How do we do it?

    Our network uses wireless connections between the clients premises and one of several hill top masts.  Each client has a receiver that connects their premises to the network.  To connect our network to the internet we have a 15km wireless link to our premises in a nearby town where we have a dedicated fibre connection to the internet.  We currently offer up to 50Mbps services.  Click on Our Service above to find out more.

  1. You can too.

    Its been a long journey..and its not over yet!  We are now helping other communities to achieve their own networks.  There are dozens of small, rural communities throughout Scotland who are struggling with slow broadband or still forced to use dial-up services. We can help guide you through the process or even do the hard and technical work for you.  If you want to find out about our Consultancy services please get in touch.


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  1. Thanks

    Badenoch Broadband was formed by a small few like minded folk within the community who got together to solve a problem.  And we did.  However, as in so many things, we could not have done it alone.  Community support for the project emboldened us to think big.  Likewise, support from local business who helped to fund our beginnings was crucial as were all our funders.  All these people and groups deserve our heartfelt thanks.  

    Thanks also goes to landowners who allowed us to see our vision of a broadband mast on their land come to fruition.  Your confidence and patience was and continues to be much appreciated.  Thanks also to a small few who have taken on board the provision of electricity to the powered masts.  Without you, there would be no signal.  

    Then there are the volunteers.  Friends, farmers, neighbours we didn’t know before and other hopeful recipients of the signal.  Broadband equipment can be heavy and unwieldy.  Without the volunteers and your booted feet, your quad bikes or 4WD’s we would never have managed to get it all to the hill tops in one piece. Your patience and enthusiasm helped keep us motivated and we are extremely grateful for your hard work.

    Then there are the people in our Community.  The families and the businesses who had the bravery to take on our service knowing we had no prior experience of having delivered it before.  Your belief and hope we would succeed has made Badenoch Broadband the success it now is.  We look forward to serving you and the wider community for years to come.