1. Why we're here...and how we did it.

    Rural communities have been left behind across the United Kingdom when it comes to the provision of broadband services.  Why is that? Simple. Money.  Rural telephone exchanges are often too small to make the upgrade cost effective for big business. When Badenoch Broadband was formed our community of just over 300 souls had lived and worked with a maximum of a 0.5Mbps connection.  Existing business and tourism had begun to suffer and there was a distinct lack of new business moving into the community or being started up. So, when it sunk in that our telephone exchange was not going to be upgraded and we would be stuck with snail-net we decided to take matters into our own hands...

     How do we do it?

    Our network uses wireless connections between the clients premises and one of several hill top masts.  Each client has a receiver that connects their premises to the network.  To connect our network to the internet we have a 15km wireless link to our premises in a nearby town where we have a dedicated fibre connection to the internet.  We currently offer 8Mbps services with speeds set to rise dramatically in Summer 2017 (more announcements on this soon).  Click on Our Service above to find out more.