1. About Us and our Network

    In 2010 a disparate group of community members began a discussion regarding the state of the broadband provision within our locale. With varying types of businesses and groups, families with school age children and the demand by visitors to the area for a decent broadband speed something needed to be done.

    Through research online and discussions with existing groups already maintaining their own wireless broadband solutions we realised the possibilities for our own area. After consultation with our Community Association and a majority vote from villagers and rural residents we began the journey that has brought us to today. We are a profitable, efficient and expanding Community Interest Company, privately run and administered by founding members Alistair Fleming and Morag Macrae.

    Thanks to various groups such as the Cairngorms National Park Authority, Leader, European Community, Enterprise Growth Fund and our very own forward thinking Community Association, we were able to raise sufficient funds to start transmitting. Point to point masts were built, some electric and some wind and solar powered, to transmit the signal from nearby Kingussie along a 15km corridor. This signal was then received by homes and businesses with small and efficient equipment positioned on their premises.

    As the business has expanded throughout the community so has our network of masts. We now connect not only the majority of households within our community but also Ardverikie Castle and Estate cottages, Scottish Natural Heritage, Spartan Press, Wolftrax Mountain Bike Centre and The Pottery Coffee Shop to name a few.

    Tourism is a huge part of the economy in the Highlands and Badenoch Broadband is contacted on a regular basis by accommodation providers, tourist facilities, mountaineering and outdoor activities groups, coffee shops and hotels for the possibility of connection. These businesses are now all too acutely aware of the demand by visitors for fast and efficient broadband. We feel that we are offering not only a reliable network for our users but also a community service giving businesses the ability to compete effectively within the tourism market.

    Connection to our network has also allowed local business people to work from home and holiday home owners have told us they are able to stay longer and work from their properties, something they were previously unable to do due to poor connectivity and speed. This has had the knock on effect of reducing fuel consumption and travel time, boosting local spend and allowing local people more quality home time.

    Without the co-operation of the Landowners and volunteers, no mast would have been built and no signal would have been transmitted. We could not have achieved what we have without those who gave permission for equipment to be sited on their land, provided electricity for masts and those hearty volunteers that hauled heavy equipment up hills in bad weather through midge infested bogs and snow.

    Our success is due to all those involved as well as our own community for giving us the chance to prove our worth. We know that anything is possible if enough thought, discussion and research is given to a problem.

    As for the future we are constantly improving our equipment and looking for sites to extend our signal to those who might still be using a dial-up service (yes they still exist). With our extensive knowledge of the technical side of providing broadband as well as our awareness of the limitations of Scottish geography we are also able to offer Consultancy to other rural communities who are still suffering with low speeds. Please contact us for more information.