1. Our Residential Services

    Badenoch Broadband offers a wireless broadband service to homeowners using point-to-point hill mounted masts to transmit the signal.

    Our 2018 upgraded network now offers the following services:

    • 8Mbps Download (2Mbps Upload) 50Gb per month download allowance @ £19.99 per month
    • 16Mbps Download (6Mbps Upload) 150Gb per month download allowance @ £29.99 per month
    • 32Mbps* Download (10Mbps Upload) unlimited** downloads @ £39.99 per month

    Installation Fee £170

    For services with a download allowance (8Mbps and 16Mbps), additional data can be purchased for £12 per 100Gb

    * for existing subscribers, a new receiver may be needed to acheive 32Mbps. There is a £70 fee for this
    ** Our Unlimited Residential Broadband packages have a 500Gb per month "Fair Use" Policy

    Business Services are also available - see below

    We have a "Equipment Guarantee" service which we recommend with all our residential packages (its included in our business packages). For £3.99 a month, you will be covered for all call-outs and hardware replacements, meaning no unexpected bills (Term and conditions apply)

    If you are not subscribed to the Equipment Guarantee service, callouts will now be charged at £30 + £30 per hour. Hardware replacements charged at cost - currently £70 for a receiver and £45 for a Wifi router

    How do you get connected?

    When we receive your enquiry our Engineer will visit your property to ascertain if the signal is receivable. Your property must be able to see one of our masts. Any obstructions such as buildings, hills or trees will obscure the signal so making sure 'line-of-sight' is available is the first step. Through discussion with you an appropriate location will be agreed for the installation of the small receiver. This is generally mounted on the outside of a building, high enough to receive the signal without interference. A single cable to the receiver, about the same thickness as a satellite TV cable needs to be installed from the outside of your property to the inside. Generally this will be run through a wall or a hole in a window or door frame, which you can provide or we will drill with your permission. A wifi router is then installed inside the property and connected to the electricity supply. The router provides a standard wifi signal that you can then connect to from your computer/phone/tablet (or you can use a cable if you prefer).

    The equipment requires two (13A) plug sockets to be available.   All our equipment is individually password protected and installed with the latest software for secure and efficient provision of service.

  2. Our Business Services

    Badenoch Broadband offers business-focussed services to business in our area using point-to-point hill mounted masts to transmit the signal.

    Business Broadband Standard Packages:

    • 20/20Mbps Download (Symmetrical) Unlimited @ £55.99 per month
    • 30/30Mbps Download (Symmetrical) Unlimited @ £69.99 per month
    • 50/50Mbps Download (Symmetrical) Unlimited @ £129.99 per month

    Installation Fee £250

    Standard Business Broadband packages have a 700Gb per month "Fair Use" Policy and are intended for SMEs.
    if you have high bandwidth requirements and lots of users, please speak to us about our Premium or Dedicated Business packages

    Business Broadband Premium Packages:

    • 50/50Mbps Download (Symmetrical) Unlimited @ £350 per month

    Installation Fee £250 - £500

    Business Broadband Dedicated Packages:

    • Contact us for information about dedicated bandwidth

    Our business services offer symmetrical unlimited bandwidth to better support larger numbers of users, come with priority support and our "Equipment Guarantee" Shemme meaning that the cost of any hardware failures or callouts are covered - no unexpected bills.

Contact us on 0845 463 1480 to arrange installation or discuss your requirements